Web Site Design  

Looking for a web site design is an overwhelming process. We take the complexity out of the equation by offering a variety of ready template based designs. The readily available designs will provide you with a good perspective of how the final product will look like. Each template will be tuned to suit your individual taste, preferences and requirements, therefore, making your site unique.

We will also implement your unique visions and design ideas in practice. If there is a web site you have seen and like or have a design idea we will work with you to make your desired project become reality.

During the design and implementation process we follow the latest technology trends. The World Wide Web has changed and evolved considerably in the last decade. Exciting new technologies, products and services are emerging constantly, therefore, opening new horizons for marketing and presentation of your business and services. 

Our services are competitively priced and we will be happy to give you a free no obligation offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your free web site design consultations.

  Domain Name Registration  

If you do not have an already registered domain name we will register an available name for you with one or more root domains (.com .biz .org .info .us .ca .eu etc.). The domain name registration with one root domain is free with annual web hosting subscription.

Web Site Hosting

We provide simple and complete turnkey solutions for your business and will get your web site online. The hosting options start from 9.99$/month with unlimited bandwidth (No limit on the web site usage, unlike many other hosting providers who limit your monthly bandwidth.). We believe that with your new web marketing campaign, your business will be able to grow faster without web site usage restrictions. The hosting options include support for dynamic database driven web content as well support for e-commerce sites.

Web Site Promotion

Your website will be optimized to be search engine friendly as well as registered with all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.  Appropriate keywords and descriptions for your products/services will be added to the web pages. Search engines use complex, automated methods and text-matching techniques to catalogue web content. Proper keywords/descriptions will help your site score higher rank during user web search requests. 

Part of the web site promotion is registering links to your site from other popular web sites. Google, for example, uses patented PageRank™ technology to classify the value of web pages. As a result, high value pages are given higher placements during searches. The PageRank has a democratic nature and relies on the World Wide Web page link structure to indicate the individual page value. Google interprets a link from another website page to page, from your website as a vote. Therefore, the more links (votes) your pages have from other web pages to Google, your pages will have higher “importance” and PageRank assigned. If the pages having links to your web pages are "important" themselves, the vote will weigh more heavily, thus substantially increasing your web site’s overall score during search requests.